“Painting is a way for me to explore surroundings and habitats from an inner perspective. In addition to conscious choices, my paintings are accompanied by dream-like, inexplicable materials. The longer I paint, the more important become the choices I’ve made and what remains on the canvas.

What is certain is that the process of making is part of the human condition: uncertainty, questioning, successes and failures – the essence of personal interpretation.” 

Marja Karisalmi
+358 44 5270981

Works and lives in Helsinki, Finland.

Now/Upcoming Exhibitions
Studio+Gallery Rio11, Helsinki: Regards, 1.10 -21.10. 2020
Kalleria, Helsinki: April, 2021

Solo Exhibitions
Kalleria, Helsinki: Roaming Objects, March, 2020
Galleria Kajava, Helsinki: Shadow of Immaterial, 2019
Galleria Fria (Free Art School), Helsinki: Embrace – Reminiscence, 2018

Group Exhibitions
Galleria Vaaga, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki: Ykköset, 2018
Galleria Vaaga, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki: Pienin yhteinen nimittäjä, 2017

Galleria B5 (Mauri Heiskanen), collected works, 2018